Multimedia Submission Guidelines and Best Practices

Multimedia Submission Guidelines

JITP fully supports innovative multi-modal orientated work, but for it to work and be sustainable the following requirements should be kept in mind:

Supplemental Files:

If audio, video, or other large media files constitute your entire submission, or comprise a part of your submission, a preferred hosting solution is to create an account on the Internet Archive ( and upload the content (please review the list of recommended formats for archiving). After uploading to, obtain the permanent URL for each upload by clicking on the ‘Show All’ link after uploading, selecting the preferred format by right mouse clicking (CTRL & Click on a Mac) and selecting ‘Copy link address’ and then paste it into your website as an embedded link. More information on permanent URLs in can be found here. We strongly prefer this process to hosting submissions on Youtube, Vimeo, or Soundcloud.

Full Websites:

If you want to include/submit an entire website to JITP and embed the website via iframe or some other method, please use a tool such as HTTrack and send us the static version of your site.  The following article is an example of a HTTrack-based static capture that was iframed:  I Lit: An E-Poetry, E-Portfolio Exhibit.

Best Practices for Developing an Archive-able Website:

We archive our Issues with the Internet Archive because the crawler, “Archive-It”, has limited functionality (most interactive elements such as searching and sophisticated javascripting, which includes most embedded media and timelines, do not typically archive). For producing the best archival results, we suggest the following best practices:

  • Make sure the site is built with proper architecture. Each page on the site should have a unique URL.
  • Please, whenever possible, host content locally and do not point to third party sites. Content includes video, audio, code (scripts, CSS, etc.). Upload media to (see above).
  • Do not use Flash.
  • Please delete or modify robots.txt file to allow for crawling. You can develop and test using the google tester.
  • Note: Websites with nested javascript generally do not archive well.
  • Note: Real Time Protocol (RTP) that streams audio and video do not archive very well.
  • If you embed a video, please use as recommended above; if you must stream video and have to choose between YouTube and Vimeo, bear in mind that Vimeo embeds will not be properly crawled. Each video should only appear once on the site or the crawler will not capture it.
  • Search is not captured.
    Note: If search is important, you can collect URLs of what you assume to be the most popular search result pages and add to pages or a page on your site and the crawler might be able to capture these searches. Test search-result URLs in a different browser.
  • Interactivity is often not preserved in the Internet Archive, so if it is the primary focus of your website, please do send us the files to host locally, as described above. An alternative for archival purposes would be to screen video capture the interactive aspects of the site and include the video in your final submission.

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