Blueprints Submission Guidelines

What you’ve built may be impressive. However, it probably required many hours of labor to get there. Publishing the path you took gives voice to the labor involved in creating digital tools, techniques, and projects, and provides an opportunity for others to use and improvise on your work. The methods you’ve chosen and/or code you’ve created might be portable to another data set or context (teaching and/or research), making a valuable contribution to open-source ideals and culture.

The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy’s newest section, Blueprints, features (innovative) recipes or (innovative) applications of a standard recipe for digital teaching and research that can be shared among instructors and researchers. Blueprints are procedural step-by-step instructions explicitly guiding and enabling the reader to replicate and or derive a similar project from the instructions given.
JITP invites digital scholars to submit short recipes with reflections about using recipes. Note: Recipes do not need to be original, but your submission should reflect original application of the recipe.

If you believe that your project fits these broad contours, submit the Blueprints to JITP.


  • All projects must use open source tools.
  • All projects must use open source code.
  • All projects should be documented procedurally (step by step).  Remember documentation should be part of every open source coding project!
  • It is preferred that projects use standard coding languages.
  • All project source code should be shared via GitHub or an analogue.
  • Please supply a data sample, if a data driven based project.
  • We will try and reproduce your results at our JITP labs.

The suggested length is under 3,000 words. All work should be original and previously unpublished. Essays or presentations posted on a personal blog may be accepted, provided they are substantially revised; please contact us with any questions at with “Blueprints query” in the subject line.

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