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A hand-drawn zine cover, with "Weigh of Showing" written as a title in red, and the beginning of a tweet by Emily Drabinski cut out and pasted below.

Weigh of Showing


“Weigh of Showing” is a zine originally written for an Interactive Technology and Pedagogy class taught by Steve Brier and Michael Mandiberg at the CUNY Graduate Center. Through introspection, exploration, and engagement with education readings, the author considers the education process, research papers, and alternative methods of showing scholarly mastery.

Freedman 19 Staging Ready

Click here to download a pdf of Weigh of Showing. For best printing results, choose the “print-as-booklet” option if available.

Click here to download a line-by-line, textual description of Weigh of Showing.

About the Author

Jenna Freedman is finishing up her MA in Digital Humanities (MADH) from the CUNY Graduate Center (February 2020), working with fellow MADH student Lauren Kehoe on building a union catalog for zines (zinecat.org). By weekday she is the Associate Director of Communications and Zine Librarian at Barnard College. She makes zines and writes and presents here and there about zines, library activism, and other topics.

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