E-Portfolio Video

Create a video that captures several aspects of learnig related to your work with poetry in the class. So far, your reflective videos on the projects have focused mostly on the use of sources in your e-poem. This video will zoom out to consider both your e-poem and your poetry essay and to focus on learning and multimedia composing more broadly. This video should also include insights gathered from research sources. You don't need to conduct extensive research, but you will want to find at least three articles related to the topic (see below) of your video. From those sources, you will want to weave in at least three quotations that will help further your discussion.

To conduct your research and to focus your work, begin by selecting one of these broad topics:

  • Creativity
  • Composing
  • Assessing learning
  • Understanding literature

Start by conducting some library database research about one of these topics. Spend as much time as it takes to identify at least three useful sources.

Next, make sure you have completed the final revision of your poetry essay and the revision of your e-poem. 

Next, use Camtasia to create a roughly 5-8 minute video. Your video should

  • include elements of both your poetry essay and e-poem
  • include narration that guides the viewer through your topic
  • include quotations--as callouts, typing screens, or other textual elements--from your research sources
  • include simple references (author, title, location) for sources used (either along the way with each source as a list of credits at the end)
  • make strong use of Camtasia to develop a video with good audio and visual qualities and a nice sense of flow
  • demonstrate strong editing and polish

We will work on the video for the remainder of the class. I will be happy to review drafts. Submit the project with the Portfolio Video option on our Web site. The final version will be due on May 3rd. 

Due date: 
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Assignment Description: 
Students are asked to compose a video that prompts reflection on their work with traditional essays on poetry and with e-poems. They are also asked to focus their work on composing, creativity, assessing learning, and understanding literature. The assignment also asks students to conduct research on these topics and to integrate it into their reflections.