Portfolio Showcase

Revision and reflection were core components of the course, and every project submitted was considered a work-in-progress. Projects were considered "final drafts" until the end of the semester. E-portfolios played a key role. In addition to furthering revision and reflection, they enacted what scholars Diler Oner and Emine Adadan suggest is a unique ability to "be shared with a wider audience simultaneously, which increases their authenticity" (479). These projects further that impulse by translating the reflections into multimedia compositions in their own right. This hybrid genre leverages the power of "sharing the portfolio with others [which] has the potential to carry meaning beyond school assessment” (479). The e-portfolios also called for reflection that was not limited to the context of the class; rather, it extended to broader learning outcomes, personal connections to the content of our work, and—in some cases—pedagogy, as we reflected on our own learning.

Unleashing My Originality Caroline Key

Being a part of this English 150 class has been quite a learning experience. As a math major, the thought of taking an English course was a bit intimidating, as the subject has never been my strong suit. In all honesty, I signed up for this class with the sole intent of fulfilling a general education requirement. Little did I know that this course would turn out to be one of my favorite classes during my time at UNC. It pushed me... more

Discovery and New Experiences Chelsea Cronin

I decided to take ENGL 150 because it is required for English and Comparative Literature majors, but I can’t say that I was prepared, coming into the class, for what was in store. The multimedia element of the assignments pushed me just outside my comfort zone, but I’m better off now because of it. I did not have a ton of experience with digital literature or the video editing process, but now I feel like a pro.

Until now, I... more

Personal Growth and Classroom Connection Through Multimedia Engagement Emily Danes

One of the most rewarding moments of my video editing experience this semester, was when I realized that I could apply the skills I learned in English 150 to an assignment in another class. I was assigned a research project in my “Defining Blackness” seminar for which I should present a final project to the class. I was excited to hear that the teacher welcomed video presentations as final projects. My research group and I put... more

ENGL 150 Final Portfolio Emily Shepherd

This portfolio contains a number of projects that we did for the class as well as an additional project that I created using skills I gained from the class. These projects include videos, essays, and discussion of some works of fiction we read.

Here's the link to my portfolio: http://engl150portfolio.web.unc.edu/

Confidence Through Creativity Kaitlyn Greene

When I added an English major to my UNC agenda last semester, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that I had a lot of old, dense texts ahead of me, and a lot of paper-writing. When I signed up for ENGL 150, I still was not sure what to expect, since the topic of the class was not entirely disclosed; I was pleasantly surprised. When I discovered that our section was a multimedia class, I became really excited – but also nervous. I... more

Evolutions in Literacy Laura Brady

As an English major, most of my classes have been set up in “traditional” styles where students read a piece, discuss the piece, and eventually write about the piece. Or sometimes discussion is left out entirely. Though I love to read, sometimes I feel as though English classes don’t challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone and push my “creativity” as I’m just trying to write an essay I know will make a good grade or discuss... more

The Combination of Literary Analysis and Multimodal Composition Laura Deem

The journey through this course, Methods of Literary Study (Engl 150), has been an exciting learning process. I have learned a lot about how to interpret different literary materials and turn them into projects that help bring out the meaning of the material and display it in a way that contributes to its interpretation as a whole. In a time where technology is more prevalent than ever, I think using videos to express ideas and... more

Uncovering Original Thoughts Lauren Farrington

For me, Spring semester 2016 was a time to figure things out. As a sophomore, I was expected to declare a major, and I had. Fall semester I was a communications major, and spring semester I was an English and graphic design double major. However, I still felt like there was more to "figure out." Honestly, I haven't figured out much, and I'm beginning to realize I may never figure out everything for my future. Yet I did figure out... more

Rediscovering My Own Creativity Madison Forsey

To be completely honest, I first sought this class out to fulfill a general education requirement.  Despicable, I know, but for some reason the thought of taking an English class higher than 105 really intimidated me.  With a 2:30 registration time and limited options as a freshman, I chose this class with hopes that the title of ‘Intro into Literature Studies’ would be slightly more interesting.

Now at the end of the... more

From Consumer To Producer Nicole Bassil

As a senior preparing to graduate in May of this year, I thought about classes I had enjoyed previously in my years at UNC and have always had an interest in English, though it has never been my strongest subject. When I stumbled upon English 150: Introductory Seminar in Literature Studies, I must admit, it did not sound particularly appealing. The course description was as follows:

“introduces students to methods of literary... more

Sissy Rodriguez's Portfolio Sissy Rodriguez

I’m beginning the process of finishing up my time in English 150, Introduction to Literary Studies. Throughout this course, I’ve learned more than I could’ve ever predicted about various aspects of literary studies. As someone with very little experience within the English department, I was very intimidated beginning this course. Throughout the past few months, I’ve learned how to reach and exceed my own expectations for myself... more

Multimedia Projections Smriti Singh

In middle school, I was an avid, amateur movie-maker and smiled at the thought of getting back into that expressive side. But the approach of multimedia expression was challenging, as working with literary pieces shifted the entire dynamic from pure originality and fun into creating dynamic, sustaining, and compelling pieces. 

Here's the link to my porfolio: https://www.smore.com/81zka... more

ILIT- A new Language Thompson Long

English 150 has been unlike any other class I have ever taken. Being an English major I was relatively sure of what I was getting into when I registered for this class. After the first week of class I realized I was sorely mistaken. The traditional mediums of literature that I had grown accustomed too were nothing like what I experienced in this class. At first I shook in trepidation at the prospect of pairing multimedia elements... more