E-Poem Walkthrough

Use Camtasia to create a reflective video about your e-poem. Use the screen recorder to "film" aspects of your e-poem and develop a reflection that might be used in a portfolio. You will first want to think about what a reflection video might look like. We looked at this one in class. And here is another one. And another (longer one). In short, reflections like these detail how a project was accomplished and/or what the author has experienced or learned though the process. (If you identify any revisions you want to make to the e-poem, you can think about how they might be accomplished and incorporated into the reflection.) The videos might also make larger points about education, creativity, composition, etc. Use Camtasia strategies that will make the video as effective as possible--capturing of sound, narration, callouts, zooming, live typing, opacity, arrangements and movements of materials on the canvas, etc.

For this reflection

  • try to limit the finished video to no more than six minutes--and it can be shorter
  • make sure your computer is set up to capture sound internally for recording audio from the e-poetry project
  • These "walkthrough" videos require a kind of weaving when it comes to sound. You can sometimes stagger your narration and the sound of the e-poem. Or you may be able to adjust the volumes. The main thing is any audio from your narartion and the project shouldn't compete with each other. Pay attention to the sound qualities--layering, transitions, etc.
  • think about the various instantiations of the e-poem that might be used--the project in Camtasia, the poem on the Web, the poetry essay, your handwritten notes, etc.
  • have fun and try to perfect at least one new or tricky Camtasia technique.

When finished, upload the project to YouTube or Vimeo and copy the URL. Add Content to our site and choose the E-Poetry Walkthrough option. Complete your reflection before class on March 1st.

Due date: 
Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Assignment Description: 
In this assignment, students are introduced to the process of using a screen recorder to capture and reflect on projects. Students are invited to walk viewers through the composing of the e-poem. They are also encouraged to discuss potential revisions, detail the use of materials, or explore aspects of learning associated with the project.