E-Poem Revisions

Revise your E-Poem Video. Follow these steps to complete the assignement:

First, review at least three examples of E-Poetry Walkthrough videos. Use the walkthroughs to spur your thinking about revising your own video. Leave some comments for the author.

Next, consider the feedback that you have gotten on your e-poem. Read the feedback, and then watch the video again with the feedback in mind.

Next, think about the big picture recommendations for these videos:

  • How well are the materials working? Are there any visuals that have watermarks, that don't quite resonate with the rest, or that otherwise call out for substition?
  • How well is text being handled in the video? Are there examples of working with text you have seen in other videos that might be emulated? Is the duration of text on screen adequate? Are the fonts legible?
  • What adjustments might be made to audio in the video? Are all of the audio levels optimal? Are there parts where fading in and out will be helpful?
  • What kinds of editing can improve the polish and production quality of the piece? What can be done about transitions? Are there awkward elements on screen or other areas to be polished?

Pay attention to all of these main concerns, and then consider the individual feedback you have gotten. With this in mind, revise your video. Post a new copy of it on YouTube or Vimeo and then upload it to our class Web site using the Revised E-Poem option. Upload your revised e-poem before class on March 29.

Due date: 
Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Assignment Description: 
Students are invited to review several of the walkthrough videos of their peers. They also have been asked to review and give feedback on several of their classmates' poems. Here they are asked to distill what they have learned from the work of others, to consider revision suggestions offered for their e-poem drafts, and then to revise their e-poems.