Table of Contents: Issue Thirteen

Laura Wildemann Kane and Michelle A. McSweeney

Beyond the Borders of the Page: Mapping The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
David Haeselin

Teaching the Digital Caribbean: The Ethics of a Public Pedagogical Experiment
Kelly Baker Josephs

From Addiction to Connection: Questioning the Rhetoric of Drugs in Relation to Student Technology-Use
Trevor Hoag

Video Essays and Virtual Animals: An Approach to Teaching Multimodal Composition and Digital Literacy
Christina M. Colvin

Using Digital Rhetoric in a Multimodal Assignment to Disrupt Traditional Academic Writing: Conventions in a First-Year Writing Classroom
Melanie Gagich

Advancing Information Literacy in a Semester-Long Library Instruction Course: A Case Study
Derek Stadler and Ian McDermott

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Issue Editors
Laura Wildemann Kane
Michelle A. McSweeney

Elizabeth Alsop
Anne Donlon
Jojo Karlin
Teresa Ober
Dominique Zino

Staging Editors
Lisa Brundage
Anne Donlon
Matthew Gold
Laura Kane
Benjamin Miller
Teresa Ober
Danica Savonick
sava saheli singh
Luke Waltzer

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