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Table of Contents: Issue Five

Introduction: Media and Methods for Opening Education
Suzanne Tamang and Gregory T. Donovan

Special Feature: Questions of Authority: Academic Publishing, Anti-Art and Ownership
Elizabeth Bishop and Britney Harsh

Building a Place for Community: City Tech’s OpenLab
Charlie Edwards, Jody Rosen, Maura A. Smale, and Jenna Spevack

The InQ13 POOC: A Participatory Experiment in Open, Collaborative Teaching and Learning
Jessie Daniels and Matthew K. Gold, with members of the InQ13 Collective

Toward Digital, Critical, Participatory Action Research: Lessons from the #BarrioEdProj
Edwin Mayorga

Empowering Local Women through Technology Training:
A Sustainable Income-Generating Model in Hyderabad, India

Ioana Literat

Notes from Queer(ing) New York: Refusing Binaries in Online Pedagogy
Jen Jack Gieseking


Issue Five Masthead

Issue Editors
Gregory T. Donovan
Suzanne Tamang

Managing Editor
Anne Donlon

Stephen Brier
Carlos Hernandez
Kimon Keramidas
Benjamin Miller
Leila Walker

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