Issue 1, Spring 2012

Kimon Keramidas and Sarah Ruth Jacobs

“Let’s Go Crazy”:  Lenz v. Universal in the New Media Classroom
xtine burrough and Emily Erickson

“City of Lit”:  Collaborative Research in Literature and New Media
Bridget Draxler, Haowei Hsieh, Nikki Dudley, Jon Winet, et al.

MyDante:  An Online Environment for Collaborative and Contemplative Reading
Frank Ambrosio, William Garr, Eddie Maloney, and Theresa Schlafly

Talking with Students through Screencasting:  Experimentations with Video Feedback to Improve Student Learning
Riki Thompson and Meredith J. Lee

Philosophy through the Macroscope:  Technologies, Representations, and the History of the Profession
Chris Alen Sula

Steps, Stumbles, and Successes:  Reflections on Integrating Web 2.0 Technology for Collaborative Learning in a Research Methods Course
Kate B. Pok-Carabalona


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Issue Editors
Kimon Keramidas
Sarah Ruth Jacobs

Managing Editor
Sarah Ruth Jacobs

Steve Brier
Benjamin Miller
Leila Walker

Web Content Management
Claire Fontaine
Sarah Ruth Jacobs

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