A college student, with their back toward the camera, is wearing a VR headset and holding controllers. In front of them is a gaming laptop with Google Earth displayed. There is a poster with hand drawn words in the background.

Table of Contents: Issue Seventeen


The Potential of Extended Reality: Teaching and Learning in Virtual Spaces
Amanda Licastro, Angel David Nieves, and Victoria Szabo

Social Justice

Immersive Pedagogy: Developing a Decolonial and Collaborative Framework for Teaching and Learning in 3D/VR/AR
Lorena Gauthereau, Jessica Linker, Emma Slayton, and Alex Wermer-Colan

Developing Virtual Reality Modules Aimed to Enhance Social Work Students’ Skills and Reinforce Knowledge
Nicholas Lanzieri, Henry S. Samelson, and Jonathan Bowen

“Relational Presence”: Designing VR-Based Virtual Learning Environments for Oral History-Based Restorative Pedagogy
Jennifer Roberts-Smith, Justin Carpenter, Kristina R. Llewellyn, Jennifer J. Llewellyn; with Tracy Dorrington-Skinner, Gerald Morrison, and Tony Smith; and the DOHR Research Team

Community Engagement and Partnerships

Representing Indigenous Histories Using XR Technologies in the Classroom
Amy J. Lueck and Lee M. Panich

Blending Disciplines for a Blended Reality: Virtual Guides for a Living History Museum
Juilee Decker, Amanda Doherty, Joel Geigel, and Gary D. Jacobs

Barriers to Supporting Accessible VR in Academic Libraries
Jasmine Clark and Zach Lischer-Katz

Diversified Applications

Using Virtual Reality to Expand Teaching and Research in the Liberal Arts
David Neville, Vanessa Preast, Sarah Purcell, Damian Kelty-Stephen, Timothy D. Arner, Justin Thomas, and Christopher French

Truly Immersive Worlds? The Pedagogical Implications of Extended Reality
Tamara F. O’Callaghan and Andrea R. Harbin

Mission US TimeSnap: Developing Historical Thinking Skills through Virtual Reality
Alison Burke, Elana Blinder, Leah Potter, and David Langendoen

Virtual Chirality: A Constructivist Approach to a Chemical Education Concept in Virtual Reality
Samuel R. Putnam, Michelle M. Nolan, and Ernie Williams-Roby

Issue Seventeen Masthead

Issue Editors
Amanda Licastro
Angel David Nieves
Victoria Szabo

Managing Editor
Patrick DeDauw

Param Ajmera
Elizabeth Alsop
Patrick DeDauw
Kelly Hammond
Jojo Karlin
Michelle McSweeney
Brandon Walsh
Nicole Zeftel
Dominique Zino

Staging Editors
Laura Wildemann Kane
Patrick DeDauw
Kelly Hammond
Anna Alexis Larsson
Krystyna Michael
Benjamin Miller
Teresa Ober
Gregory Palermo
Danica Savonick
sava saheli singh
Inés Vañó García

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