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Anderson and Shepherd – "I Lit: An E-Poetry, E-Portfolio Exhibit"

I Lit: An E-Poetry, E-Portfolio Exhibit

Editors’ Note

Daniel Anderson and Emily Shepherd have created an ePortfolio to curate student examples within a framework of theory and context. This submission provides an example of the kind of scholarship we hope to see more of at JITP, i.e. scholarship that leverages the affordances of technology to present its theses, analyses and evidences more effectively. After exploring options, we found the iframe to be the best way to render this work on our site. We recognize that an iframe may not render the contents of the piece correctly on all devices and apologize for any inconvenience; for a full-screen experience, please see http://ilit.altscholarship.com/.

About the Authors

Daniel Anderson is Professor of English, Director of the Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative, and Director of the Studio for Instructional Technology and English Studies at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He studies digital rhetoric, teaching with technology, and alternative approaches to scholarship. His books on teaching include Connections: A Guide to Online Writing, Writing About Literature in the Media Age, and Beyond Words: Reading and Writing in a Digital Age. He also creates new media performance art and scholarship using the computer screen as a composing space. A full biography and more information can be found at http://iamdananderson.net/.

Emily Shepherd is an undergraduate student at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She studies History, English, and Education. She wants to become a middle school teacher and is interested in literacy and working with English Language Learners. She is particularly interested in incorporating multimedia composition in the classroom, which can be an effective method of engaging ELL students.

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